Create to Change

Exploring Well-being Through Art: The Therapeutic Power of Creativity

Allowing my fears to be woven into something comforting and beautiful

Camping alone, not a soul in sight, allowing my fears to be woven into something comforting and beautiful. I’ve always wanted to do a vision quest, preferably in Africa as I’ve met a few people who say it was life-changing…this is not that extreme, no hyenas creeping out the bushes (lol) and I’m camping in my bus, however a necessary taste of being with oneself in the wilderness, more stillness, the mind chatter that comes with this and the unknown that lies in the dark as the sun sets (my biggest fear). I challenged myself in many ways; walked through thick long grass carrying Teddy to get to the river for a swim to cool off (another fear of mine is snakes, even though I know they are probably more scared of me than I of them!), struggled down steep slippery slopes to the river, cried a few times as I’ve processed ‘stuff’,…
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