Tailor Made Workshops

Tailor Made Art therapy workshops

Tailor made group programs for Workplace, Health Organisations and Community Groups. NDIS Provider.


With decades of experience in designing and facilitating programs, we can develop content to suit your group’s specific needs and aims. We offer one-off workshops as well as programs.  The power of programs with multiple sessions gives the opportunity for participants to connect with each other over time while exploring their experiences. As participants relax and engage more, transformations both individually and as a group can be quite profound. Over the course of the program, explorations deepen into greater self-expression, self-reflection and sharing.   Even when it’s challenging, there’s a power in our shared experience. You realise you are not alone. Knowing someone understands how you are feeling and feels the same way, gives rise to new connections and friendships. 

workplace art therapy workshops

Community Solutions Testimonial

Brock: I absolutely loved Helen’s program! Exploring the different themes using a variety of art mediums and ideas helped me to explore myself deeper. It was all insightful and valuable to me. It gave me loads of great ideas and tools to support myself in everyday life both personally and professionally, exploring my struggles and my victories. I could not have hoped for a more kind, gentle, understanding and helpful facilitator. Thank you, Helen, for helping me to find answers that enabled me to reconnect with me and my team with ease and fun.

Greg: Extreme thanks, Helen. You and your program were amazingly insightful. The nature of the Art Therapy group allowed for a superb avenue to communicate with self and others. The insights gained can be easily recalled and applied to behavior and attitude, thereby improving sense of self and achievement. This is brilliantly essential, and I have been able to make enormous strides in how I value myself within my work environment.