Celebrate Your Milestones!

  Wow! How wonderful to survive not only the end of another year but also the end of a decade! Well done YOU! Well done ME! 😊 I feel this is such an important time to reflect with open, gentle and grateful eyes so we can begin 2020 with good vibrations, hope and an open loving heart. In this space we can visualize and create clearly and greatly for our journey forwards in the most magnificent way. For more on this process, go to: WHY do we celebrate our milestones? Think of an athlete or a tennis player…they either win the race/match or don’t, win the race/championship or they don’t In biz/work or personal life the milestone is not so clear-cut as if you won the race or you didn’t Usually our milestones happen over a period of time and there may not be a clear-cut finish date However, that…
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