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ECO-EXPRESSION SOUL ART ADVENTURE WORKSHOP For Women.  The more we are connected to nature, the more we are connected to ourselves and the divine.

A group of women creating art using natural elements from gardens and landscapes.

I invite you to join me in the joy of expressing and exploring yourself through nature. I have designed many eco workshops over the years both as a creative art making process and a as therapeutic one. This new offering, (inspired by Manaali Manoharan), is a deeper journey inward to connect to parts of self that may not have spoken for a while. Nature has a way of giving us what we need to heal and feel nurtured, softening and shining a light on deep parts of ourselves that yearn to awaken more fully. I just love the gentle symbology of Mother Nature synced with the power of Art Therapy; the artmaking accessing both mind, body and soul to promote a greater understanding of self.

Join me on an ECO-EXPRESSION SOUL ART ADVENTURE, connecting us with ecology and reminding us that we are part of this system.

Let’s come together as our unique selves and in our shared journeys to grow more mindfulness, balance, self-acceptance, self-value, clarity, confidence, harmony, hope and love.

Let’s do this TOGETHER! It’s our time!

Really looking forward to sharing this experience with you 💚

In creativity and love, Helen

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Rock with Circle of Leaves.
Finding Inspiration by the Seaside

The beautiful thing is, you do not need to know anything about art or creativity
to engage and reap the benefits!