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Growth Through Art: Images of Strength

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be in love with your body all the time? For many of us, the answer is a resounding “yes!” Our bodies are our vessels in this life, and how we feel in them impacts our day-to-day experiences. As we age, our bodies change, and it can be challenging to navigate these changes with grace and self-love. I, for one, have struggled with this. As I transitioned through menopause, I found myself frustrated with my changing body and unsure of how to feel at home in it. But through self-reflection and exploration, I’ve come to a place of compassionately understanding and accepting my changing inner world, as well as embracing and loving my changing curves. It’s a relief to let go of how we think we need to be and simply accept the incredible vessel that has been loyal to us…
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Exploring Your Creative Self!

Hello wonderful souls, We all want to live a more creative loving life, right? Why? CREATIVITY helps us to try new things, explore, and often learn something new! I believe trying new things is the secret to cultivating an open heart and mind, opening up to creative ways to ‘feel’ and ‘see’ yourself, your relationships, and life from new perspectives. From these new perspectives, profound self-discoveries, insights and possibilities are birthed. We begin to rise up to our fully expressed free flowing self and in this space open up to self-compassion and loving ourselves more. When we live in this place, we begin to help others to do the same! I actually believe we are all our own CREATIVE GURU! Sometimes we simply need a helping hand to connect to and become our OWN Creative Guru!  If you are reading this blog, I am guessing you are feeling an inner…
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Where are you placing YOUR FOCUS?

Sometimes we need to zone IN on what our needs are without the confusion of everything that is going on around us. While having time out camping by the ocean one weekend, I was compelled to get creative after finding this little deserted table on the beach. It was such a perfect spot and surface to open up to self-expression and this is the therapeutic artwork I created (see photos). I simply allowed my feelings to flow into my hands and be intuitively expressed with soft pastels and with no thought for how it was going to look at the end. It is such a relief when we are able to allow this; to let go and rest our mind in the art. It is truly pleasurable. There must have been a little drop of water on the table that soaked into the centre of the page because when I…
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Exploring Well-being Through Art: The Therapeutic Power of Creativity

Allowing my fears to be woven into something comforting and beautiful

Camping alone, not a soul in sight, allowing my fears to be woven into something comforting and beautiful. I’ve always wanted to do a vision quest, preferably in Africa as I’ve met a few people who say it was life-changing…this is not that extreme, no hyenas creeping out the bushes (lol) and I’m camping in my bus, however a necessary taste of being with oneself in the wilderness, more stillness, the mind chatter that comes with this and the unknown that lies in the dark as the sun sets (my biggest fear). I challenged myself in many ways; walked through thick long grass carrying Teddy to get to the river for a swim to cool off (another fear of mine is snakes, even though I know they are probably more scared of me than I of them!), struggled down steep slippery slopes to the river, cried a few times as I’ve processed ‘stuff’,…
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Photo of a person with facial bruises, standing in front of an art piece

An experience. A message. A warning. A miracle.

‘I’ FEEL LIKE A MIRACLE! An experience. A message. A warning. A miracle. 2 weeks ago I saw my life pass before my eyes as my face headed for the tar when my bicycle came to an instant stop when my yoga mat caught in the spokes of my front wheel. I went head first over my handle bars going about 20-25km/hour, the last thoughts before I hit the ground was, “this is it!”. It was a spontaneous decision to go to yoga that morning. I have been really enjoying being able to ride to the things that I love to do in my community…coffee, swimming at the beach, walking with friends, markets, doing small shops… 😵‍💫MY WARNING is please DO NOT carry things on your handle bars. ANYTHING that may get stuck in the spokes of your bicycle wheel will impact its flow in some way! Doh, You may…
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👉🏽’I am here’👈

👉🏽’I am here’👈 As we are now exactly half way through 2021, I felt it fitting to reflect on the last 6 months and will be expressing my reflections in some art therapy shortly. Before I did this, it occurred to me to revisit my creative art expression and blog from the end of last year as a platform to gauge my journey into this year so far and wanted to share. 🖼 The image shown here is my 2020 intuitive therapeutic art piece created on New Years Eve day…an expression of my journey through last year. It is a map that begins at the bottom of the painting travelling up to the top…to ‘I am here’… a simple space to contemplate the new year… 🤯 It was a frenzied creation (a little bit like last year!!) that took about 1.5 hours. Like always, when I allow myself to drop…
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How Strong Is Your Foundation

Celebrate Your Milestones!

  Wow! How wonderful to survive not only the end of another year but also the end of a decade! Well done YOU! Well done ME! 😊 I feel this is such an important time to reflect with open, gentle and grateful eyes so we can begin 2020 with good vibrations, hope and an open loving heart. In this space we can visualize and create clearly and greatly for our journey forwards in the most magnificent way. For more on this process, go to: WHY do we celebrate our milestones? Think of an athlete or a tennis player…they either win the race/match or don’t, win the race/championship or they don’t In biz/work or personal life the milestone is not so clear-cut as if you won the race or you didn’t Usually our milestones happen over a period of time and there may not be a clear-cut finish date However, that…
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Meetup womens art therapy workshops

A Different Way To Re-Discover Your True Colours

Hello curious soul. Have you ever wondered “who am I? What makes me ME?” We are all survivors of many things and through some experiences we lose touch with our true essence, the unique colours that make up our authentic selves. You know that sensation you feel when you hear upsetting or shocking news? The feeling of energy draining out of you, like part of you is washing away…like your colour is draining from your mind, body and soul and often you can be told “you look as pale as a ghost”. Metaphorically it is as if you have lost some of your colours; the colours that describe your authentic vital energy and essence, that makes you the unique individual that you are. Very often, we experience difficulties in revitalizing those colours with just words. This is the power of Art Therapy: its ability to help you tap into and…
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