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OPEN-HEARTED WOMEN’S NETWORK is for women who want an inspiring, safe and FUN place to create change in themselves and their lives.

Create to Change Workshop

Are you ready to rise up to your fully expressed self?

Return to Love Program

A journey of self-discovery and transformation towards more emotional and physical freedom, selfLOVE and growth.


Weekend retreat of self-discovery, transformation and self-love for woman.

About Helen Bradshaw

A Southern African childhood forms the foundation of Helen’s life. Her upbringing was vibrant, eclectic and sometimes unstable. Living alongside many different cultures and witnessing their diverse qualities of life made her deeply curious about people. Why can some people live happy purposeful lives when they have so little?

How do people who have experienced so much adversity still come from a place of love? What makes us all act in the way we do?

Helen is passionate about helping people who have faced challenges and experiences where life seems to be tipped on its head. These challenges can leave us feeling like we have lost touch with who we are and our life direction. Helen draws on her own diverse life experience to enhance her support and understanding of each client’s personal journey. It is from this place that she initiates Growth Through Art. Helen’s empathy allows for strong connections with her clients, both individually and in a group setting.

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