Art for Sale

OPEN-HEARTED WOMEN’S NETWORK is for women who want an inspiring, safe and FUN place to create change in themselves and their lives; a place where you can be who you are, where you are with no expectations or judgements.

Original Painting of Two Women by Helen Bradshaw
Original painting by Helen Bradshaw showcasing bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors.

Original Art FOR SALE

Helen Bradshaw’s original art is inspired by her life journey and as such are eclectic and colourful. Her art is a therapeutic and meaningful way to express both how she sees her world and lives in it.

She enjoys experimenting with different painting techniques and mediums and is happier when not conforming to the ‘norm’! She is interested in being expressive rather than correct and is passionate about texture, design, and colour.

An original painting of an emu by Helen Bradshaw, with vibrant colors and dynamic brushstrokes.

Art Prints FOR SALE

Limited editions of original art and photography.

Growth through Art: Walking along a Deserted Beach at Sunset

Photography FOR SALE

My world from my perspective and experience on my Soul Art Adventures.

Soul Art Portrait Commissions

I paint with heart, capturing the soul and essence of the person, bringing them to life in all their colourful glory.

  • Children
  • Family
  • Loved Ones passed over
  • Pets

Lifelong gifts that bring inspiration, comfort and joy!

Original Painting of Two Women by Helen Bradshaw