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Helen Bradshaw wellness and wellbeing creative workshops

You are never wrong

It’s time to let go of ‘wrong’ and surrender to our limitless imagination; to opening up to new possibilities and ways of ‘doing’ and ‘being’ without the fear of being ‘wrong’.  What is ‘wrong’ anyway? Right and wrong are merely a perception usually derived from self-talk as well as expectations and judgements we place on ourselves or take on from others. Most of the ‘wrong’ or false beliefs we live by set us up for suffering…I know. In the past I have put myself through so much pain with false beliefs. The sad part is, those beliefs are usually untrue or what I have been worrying about never actually happens. Imagine how poisonous this can be to our mind, body and soul? I have spent many years of creative self-development learning techniques and strategies to strengthen my personal values and beliefs so I can build a solid and resilient foundation…
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