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OPEN-HEARTED WOMEN’S NETWORK is for women who want an inspiring, safe and fun place to create change in themselves and their lives; a place where you can be who you are, where you are with no expectations or judgements.

Growth Through Art Womens networking

Create to Change Workshop

  • Are you ready to rise up to your fully expressed self?
  • Yearning to release blocks to freedom and happiness so you can live the life you love? 
  • Wanting to feel more seen, heard and valued personally and professionally?
  • Ready to try a SURPRISING & DIFFERENT way to make sense of what is holding you back?
  • Curious about what it would feel like to live a more fully expressed life and what you could CREATE if you did?
Growth Through Art Return to Love

‘Return To Love’ for healing, transformation and selfLOVE, a 6 Week Women’s Program

This program is a unique blend of Art Therapy and creative expression, using a variety of therapeutic sensory activities, processes and mediums, personal development, intuitive guidance, meditation, mindfulness and an inspiring group atmosphere. Each session is designed to help you explore, make sense of and free yourself from emotional and physical pain or blocks so you can gain more purpose, joy and self-love. Join a group of like-minded women who gather together in a safe and sacred space to nourish, nurture and inspire each other.

Is it your time now to make yourself the priority in your life and return to more self-LOVE?

Growth Through Art Return to Love program on the Sunshine Coast


Weekend Retreat of Self-Discovery, Transformation and Self-Love

We invite you to a 2-day retreat for women. This is a gift to yourself. We support you in a safe space to make sense of and free yourselves from whatever it is that is holding you back from fully expressing your true colours. Imagine 2 days of connecting to your creative self, using pastels, paint, clay, textiles, journaling, nature, sound, meditation, movement and reiki. Welcome to the sanctuary of Growth Through Art.

Only 10 spaces available for this transformational, nourishing and fun weekend.

Amazing bonuses are included. To discover more, go to: Link

Is it your time now to move towards lasting positive change so you can live your life with more self-love and joy?!