Weekend Retreat of self-discovery, transformation & self-love for women.

I INVITE YOU to a 2 day healing retreat for women, focusing on unleashing and expanding your true vibrant colours so you can return to more unconditional self-love.

Sometimes our colour feels:

~ dimmed down because we feel controlled, stuck and unexpressed
~ washed out from dealing with physical or emotional pain
~ dis-coloured due to stress and fear

OR it simply just needs to be revived and ignited!

This is a SPECIAL CREATIVE and EXPRESSIVE WEEKEND for you to surrender in a sacred space to make sense of and free yourself from whatever it is that is holding you back from fully expressing your true colours and returning to more self-love.

YOU WILL LEARN AND GROW more mindfulness, balance, self-acceptance, self-value, clarity, confidence, harmony, hope and love. It will be 2 days of connecting to your creative self, using pastels, paint, clay, textiles, journaling, nature, sound, meditation, movement, reiki and beach experience. WOW! How exciting is that?!!

HELEN WILL GENTLY GUIDE AND INSPIRE YOU on a journey individually and collectively, delving deeply into who you are, exploring your values and what you stand for; helping you to peel back and let go of what no longer works for you, so you feel lighter and more able to fully express yourself and connecting authentically to your true essence. You will come to a place where you will feel held, nurtured and supported. A place where transformations take place. A place where you feel comfortable to express your true colours and celebrate returning to loving ALL of you!

Weather permitting, we will complete our weekend with a creative nature activity and ceremony on a beautiful small beach in Coolum. Delicious! I can’t wait!


ONLY 10 SPACES available for this healing, nourishing and fun weekend where all you need to bring is:.
~ An open mind and willingness to explore
~ Comfy clothes you feel free to paint in without worrying about letting loose!
~ Water bottle
~ Hat

~ All art materials
~Special gifts
~ Vegetarian lunch, morning & afternoon tea
~ BONUSES (please see below)
~ And SO much more!

For a free 15 min discovery call to find out if this is for you, please message Helen on 0419 467 442.

    ~ Monique ~

    “The weekend was great. Helen created a safe space that allowed me to explore and drop into my feelings. Creating art and losing myself in the process, helped me open, free, expose and clarify my true essence. Great Energy. A really wonderful experience!”

    ~ Beck ~

    “This retreat was worth every dollar to be able to work alongside Helen. I have gained a more positive attitude, self-acceptance and inner peace. The biggest change was finding me and enjoying my own company!”


    CHECK OUT the PHOTO’S and VIDEO’S under ‘Gallery’

    BONUS 1: SERENITY & REIKI Healing Session
    With the beautiful Stephanie Trow

    BONUS 2: SPECIAL GIFTS woven into the creative adventure

    BONUS 3: Email SUPPORT Access ~ You also have full access to Helen Bradshaw (qualified Art therapist) for support at any time via email for 2 weeks following the retreat: Please allow up to 24 hours for me to respond (usually it will be sooner).
    FREE Support Resources to Takeaway


    Is it YOUR TIME NOW to make lasting positive change towards more self-love and joy in your life?!

    I look forward to the opportunity to journey together!

    In creativity and love, Helen ♥

    ‘Life is art in motion; let’s explore it together!’

    The beautiful thing is, you do not need to know anything about art or creativity
    to engage and reap the benefits!