Retreats and Soul Art Adventures

3 Day Luxury Glamping Retreat, Self-discovery, Transformation & Self-love for women.  Soul art adventures that enrich you. Become What You Dream Of! (No art experience needed). Self-discovery, Transformation & Self-love for women; a retreat to nourish your soul.

Join Helen Bradshaw and the Soul Art Adventures team for a 3-day glamping eco-expressive retreat of self-discovery on a beautiful 64 acre property in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. In this fully immersive holistic experience, you will be guided to tune into your innate creative spirit through expressive, creative, mind, body and ecological experiences; experiences that support you to connect more deeply to yourself, accessing your own inner wisdom and the divine. A time and sacred space to rejuvenate, ignite and grow.

These creative soul adventures are for any women wishing to explore their rich inner landscape of hopes and dreams; of ‘knowing’ there is more. Exploring what may initially be a wish for living a more fulfilling life…in your purpose, in love, profession, making a difference in the world, may surprise you in revealing a much deeper journey inwards connecting to parts of yourself that may not have spoken for a while. Soul Art Adventures guides you safely and with huge heart and fun into more full expression and expansion of your true vibrant colours so you can tune into the visions that light you up and begin to confidently step into them in your everyday life with more self-acceptance and self-love. Where do you want to be? What is the distance between there and where you are now? Join me and take your next step on a soul art adventure to ‘become what you dream of’.

Luxurious glamping accommodation is all set up and ready for you to relax and enjoy (see options below) as well as all meals.


A 3-day creative eco-expressive immersion luxury glamping retreat setting with both a choice based daily program and honouring of free time.

*Creative and eco-expressive Art Therapy journeys
With nature, clay, paint and so much more
(No art experience needed)
*Nature walks & explorations
*Movement & intuitive dance
*Live music by international Entertainer, Mark Andrew
*Nightly fire, star gazing and music
*A breathtaking 64-acre property nestled amongst natures finest work
*Soul connections and new friendships
*Surprise facilitators
*Conscious closing ceremony

~ Beck ~
Helen’s retreat was worth every dollar to be able to work alongside her. I have gained a more positive attitude, self-acceptance and inner peace. The biggest change was finding me and enjoying my own company!

~ Trina ~

Helen’s program was one of my best gifts to myself this year!! The activities were fun, explorative, creative and insightful. I loved exploring using all the different mediums and I created some artwork that I will cherish forever. Helen was an incredible support not only throughout this whole experience. You really get an opportunity to be seen and feel deeply heard. The added bonus of doing this creative work is not only the realisations about yourself but also the new friends you meet!!! I have completed a number of Helen’s offerings and can’t recommend them highly enough!! Gift yourself or the ones you love the opportunity to come home to truly meet themselves in a fun, explorative way!


MALI A Million Star Retreat is a beautiful property in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Nestled in exquisite nature with so many beautiful spaces, this is not a 5 star, not even 6 star retreat, this is truly a million star retreat.

Mali is a breathtaking 64-acre property nestled amongst natures finest work. There is a real sense of calm and clarity the moment you enter the grounds. This serene space perfectly blends nature with nurture and all things quirky…a space for connecting and relaxing. And relax is the first feeling you experience at Mali, closely following by amazement at the extraordinary spaces that Mark Tabone and Lisa Curry have created. There is a wow moment at every turn.

There is a glamping area, campfire and many special spaces to explore and immerse yourself in.

Mali is a place of true beauty. Its allure is not only in the natural environment but the sentiment and powerful sense of peace that fills your soul when you set foot on the property.

Reconnect with yourself, your life, relax and make new friends at Mali.

To learn more, go to:


Share, twin or single bell tent options, all with the below included:

~ 7m Full jute coir matting floor
~ Console or large bar cart
~ Deluxe single mattresses with plush top
~ Single wooden bed bases
~ Hotel quality linens, towels
~ Individual toiletry packs
~ Doona, pillows, cushions
~ Bedside tables, lanterns
~ Bunting, doormats, rug
~ Luggage racks, towel rack, bin
~ Outside bamboo folding chairs
~ Antipodes Water
~ Solar Festoons

There’s nothing new about the Bell Tent, the original design has been around for more than 150 years and this is testament to its simple yet practical design. What sets these Bell Tents apart is the attention to detail. The fusion of old and new to create a signature style and elegant glamorous interiors to create that unique exclusive experience. These bell tents go beyond the usual expectations of “glamping” by delivering a style and quality like no other.

Share: $1290
Twin: $1490
Single: $2190

Bring your bestie/s or come on your own and make new like-minded friends.

These prices are inclusive of everything EXCEPT travel and alcohol.

PAYMENT PLANS on request.