true colours

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A Different Way To Re-Discover Your True Colours

Hello curious soul. Have you ever wondered “who am I? What makes me ME?” We are all survivors of many things and through some experiences we lose touch with our true essence, the unique colours that make up our authentic selves. You know that sensation you feel when you hear upsetting or shocking news? The feeling of energy draining out of you, like part of you is washing away…like your colour is draining from your mind, body and soul and often you can be told “you look as pale as a ghost”. Metaphorically it is as if you have lost some of your colours; the colours that describe your authentic vital energy and essence, that makes you the unique individual that you are. Very often, we experience difficulties in revitalizing those colours with just words. This is the power of Art Therapy: its ability to help you tap into and…
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