Creative expression and letting go of the fear of Judgement

As I put pen to paper to write this article, I am checking in with myself knowing that I may be judged for what I write. How can I write from a place fearing judgement about my concept of love? I stop to tap into myself. I breathe and go within, feet grounded on the earth, still my mind and connect to my ‘home space’ (gut) and heart. I ask my highest self, “is expressing my passion for expanding my self-love and supporting others to do the same worth being judged for? I hear a resounding, ‘yes’! I believe self-love comes most easily when we are at peace with ourselves, a place of self-acceptance and feeling comfortable with who we are, how we express ourselves and connect with our world. It feels easy being ourselves. However, many of us have made agreements with ourselves that hinder our full expression and…
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