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Navigating an adventurous life that is ease-full?

LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE! Sound exciting? Yes! I LOVE ADVENTURE! However it does not always flow in a way that feels good. Sometimes it is joyous and magnificent; sometimes it is hard going and challenging; and sometimes it is a kaleidoscope of everything in between! We are all thrown curve balls from time to time. That’s life! However, it is how we deal with these curve balls that either keeps us on or off our path (and by the by, I believe we have several life pathways at one time to choose from, ALL of which can be amazing adventures! But that’s a discussion for another day :-)). Both personally and professionally I am aware that when these curve balls hit, it is usually our wounds that are triggered and from this wounded place we deviate away from what feels good. We lose perspective, alignment and our unique sense of self. Believe me, I know!!…
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