Creative Mentoring

Individual sessions allow a more personalized approach for you to explore any issues in yourself and your life a little deeper. A safe and confidential space is held for you to express yourself in your own unique and authentic way. Together we find new perspectives, and ways to resolve and communicate your experiences so you can:

  • Make sense of difficult or traumatic issues and gain emotional and physical freedom to reach your highest potential
  • Gain clarity to open up to discovering and creating a strong value-led foundation so you can live a joy-filled life with purpose
  • Learn to love more of YOU!

This work offers a different way of healing using creative expression and promotes lasting positive change in your life.

If you are seeking to re-ignite your creative self and practice, Helen offers tailor-made sessions. We seek to unblock and learn to trust your fully expressed self and journey towards creative expansion.

We invite you to book in a time to discuss what you would like to achieve.